“The Christian Artist Workshop (PDF Edition)”


Now Includes a free Coaching Call with Creative Soul President and Producer Eric Copeland

Newly updated for 2014, this is the complete PDF edition of everything we talk about in our Nashville consults. It’s the entire outline of the workshop, but chock full of information that you can keep and refer to. You’ll find info about who we are and what we do, finding your purpose and calling, our complete development and production process, how you can expect to make income, and the importance of social media. Also included are plenty of links and information about the Christian music industry that pertains to Christian artists like you.

$75.00 (Now over $200 off the costs of coming to Nashville for our workshops, not to mention travel expenses.)

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“Getting Started in Christian Music”


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Everything you need to know about getting started in Christian music ministry, plus find out a lot about us!

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“The Music Producer’s Guide to Studio Recording”


A Unique and Different Resource

The Music Producer’s Guide to Studio Recording is a one of a kind resource that teaches you the secrets of music producers and engineers.

If you are thinking of becoming a producer, or producing studio recordings of your own music, this is a down to earth, real resource that will teach you the realities of life in the studio, as well as how to deal with artists, musicians, engineers, and everyone else you may run into.

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$29.99 (eBook)
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“For the Creative Soul”

cover15sDevotions for Creative Christians

A 52 Week devotional to share with your church team, or just savor yourself, working through unique issues we face every day as creative Christians.

Each week has a lesson, and then questions to examine during the week. Great for church worship teams, but just as helpful to any type creative working every day on their ministry.

Tens of thousands have read “for the Creative Soul” around the world, and hundreds read it every day.

$9.99 (eBook)
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