About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

Welcome to Creative Soul Records, a slightly alternate reality version of a Christian record label just outside Nashville, TN (and also just outside the norm for the music industry.)

Instead of the usual process of “discovering” talent, and “signing” them to a record contract, we do things very differently. We have God bring artists to us. Perhaps you found this site while searching, or were led here by links or a great recording we have made for another artist. Welcome, but just know this: we are not your normal record label.

A Complete Music Ministry Company
Creative Soul Records is the whole enchilada. A consulting company, a very high end production company, complete design and duplication, and then we have a marketing plan to help you get out there, build a following, and get busy!

If an artist makes a CD and no one knows it exists, does it make a sound? It’s important for a music ministry to minister! And we have been helping music ministries do this for 20 years.

Creative Soul Records artists have released over 100,000 albums, achieved radio and distribution throughout the US and the world, and our artists routinely minister to thousands every year. They are connected, downloadable, and marketed inventively.

But we aren’t resting on any laurels here. We’re improving every process, only hiring the best and brightest musical minds: players, engineers, marketing specialists, publicists, designers…and the best part is…the artist is the complete owner of everything we make together.

Enter Word Entertainment
We are now associated with Word Entertainment, a 60-year-old Christian music company, and they are very interested and supportive of the work we do developing Christian music ministries. They see each artist and product as we finish working with them, are watching our artists and their ministries very closely, and offering us some nice extras that being related with a major label brings.

How to Get Started with Creative Soul
We have a very specific process of getting to know and working with new artists at Creative Soul. Please see our site at Creative Soul Online for more details on how we get started with all artists.