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Who We Are

We have over 20 years of experience in helping Christian artists produce great sounding albums, songs, and arrangements, as well as finding their true potential, calling, and the right course for their music ministry.

We’re experienced with client needs, working on a deadline, fixing problems, and providing services like MP3 demos and overnight approvals.

Our producers are not just studio engineers, but amazing songwriters, arrangers, and consultants, who can help guide your project and career as you seek to grow to a new level of music and ministry.

Eric Copeland . President/Executive Producer

ec_05Eric is known throughout the Christian music industry and with his many clients as the music consultant and guide for the professional Christian artist and music ministry. His complete program at Creative Soul is unmatched in the industry. From consult to production, from identity to full promotion, Eric has effectively leveled the playing field for Christian artists.

Eric’s attention to detail, refusal to provide anything but the best quality in artwork, photos, and final product, make Creative Soul stand out among other products and companies in the Christian music business. As executive producer along with the artist, Eric is the creative soul of every project, walking with the artist through consulting, development, production, and even into promotion as well.

Aaron Walters . Director of Social Media & Marketing

In an ever growing technical world, Aaron is our social media landscape genius. A graduate of Middle Tennessee State’s prestigious music business program, Aaron is well-versed in the ins and outs of the music business. But his real strength is his knowledge of the daily changing social media and online worlds, and how they effect those pursuing a music career. Aaron handles all Creative Soul social media outreach as well as helping us and our clients identify trends in the online world.

Sam Sparks . Assistant, Music Production & Artist Care

sam2014Sam is a multi-talented young man who comes to Creative Soul at the very beginning of his career. Preparing to graduate college in Nashville, as well as interning at several respected studios in the area, Sam has already been hard at work helping artists as an engineer, as a photographer, at our workshops, and many other areas. The main reason we took a liking to Sam is the same that we feel about anyone who we work with: he enjoys serving folks. He always has a smile on his face and is ready to assist on any task.


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