Consulting for Christian Music Ministries

You have probably been searching for answers to “What is my next, best step?” “Where am I as a Songwriter?” and “Can you help me with my dream of doing this?” These are great questions, and we like to help artists and songwriters find real, working answers to them.

If you think that a music ministry is what God has planned for you, you have songs you want to share with the world, or you are planning on recording a CD project, we begin all artists and songwriters with our consulting services. We have several options, starting with our recommended service: the in-person, Nashville, TN consult.

“The Christian Artist Development Workshop” in Nashville, TN

hero3Darkhorse Recording, Franklin TN
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This is Stop Number One in anything we do, especially with artists who are looking for us to develop and promote them on Creative Soul Records. And this is a critical process. Would you build a house without knowing why you are building it? Much less where, for who, and what will be the plans for it?

Our team is vast, with experienced producers, players, studios, engineers, and other ready to develop you and your music ministry into something truly special. But we can’t even start without getting to know you, your heart, your goals and calling for ministry, and also letting you get to know us.

No one else in Nashville or the U.S. is offering this unique service where you can come to the major Christian music town and have someone spend 5-6 hours pouring over your heart, music, and ministry, and giving you REAL answers on what the next best steps for you are.

You also get to spend some time in a major studio in the Franklin area, which is where we spend most of our time talking and listening.

Plus, it’s just smart to meet and work together for a day before you start spending thousands of dollars on a project.

So, here’s how we begin working with clients.


We meet in Franklin, TN and spend the first few hours talking about your musical history and talents, and what you think God is leading you to do. Then we shift to what we’ve done for artists through songwriting, arranging, CD production, web, and design, and talk about other things we offer artists through our relationships in Nashville and the Christian music industry.

What is Success?

We then enter into a time of talking about your vision of success in all this. Is it getting a record or publishing deal? Is it leading worship? Is it to simply glorify God? We talk about true success in music ministry and we spend some time looking at what other artists, writers, and ministries are doing. We try to find out what has made them successful in ministry.

Our Artist Development Process

Next we go through our entire artist development process from the consult, to the complete production process, to photoshoot, design, and duplication, and on into marketing. We lay it all out so artists can get a good idea of how their career will go once getting started with Creative Soul.

Income Streams

We discuss the different ways artists support their ministry, a very important aspect of being an artist for the long term.

The Importance of Social Media

There’s nothing that has leveled the playing field for independent artists like social media marketing, and we have been helping artists do this since each platform came into existence. We work daily for ourselves and the many artists we have developed and know every old and new option available to help artists become successful and find a large world audience.

consultSong, Talent, and Materials

This is a time where we talk about your original songs, your voice, and take a good look at what you’ve done musically. Then we give you our detailed thoughts on vocals, songs, playing, style, arranging, production, photo/design, and packaging. We go over your material, or simply work together to hear you sing and/or play. This is NOT an audition. This is a time to give you good, strong constructive feedback on what God has given you, and what you are doing with it.

The Plan for Your Ministry

Finally, we will work together to build a specific plan for starting or energizing your music ministry or business. We’ll determine what your goals are, what your first steps need to be, and what you need to be working on to improve your craft.

Note: Since we cover materials that contain over 30 years of experience, and this does take most of our day, we do charge for this workshop.

You will go home inspired, maybe tired, but certainly with confidence that you are growing to a new level in your talent and ministry.

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Looking for a Cost Effective Critique Consulting Service?

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