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True Christian Artist Development

Creative Soul Artist Mike Westendorf

For over 20 years Creative Soul has been helping Christian artists and songwriters reach new levels of success in recording and development. We’ve always been a force for the independent Christian artist here in Nashville, and Creative Soul offers even more now being associated with Word Entertainment, a 60-year-old force in the Christian entertainment industry.

We specialize in helping the independent Christian artist get going with a national and international music ministry that can last a lifetime! Isn’t it time YOU got going with what God has for you to do?

Our Five Step Development Process

  1. Consulting. This is how we start every new artist that is interested in working with us. Click here for complete information.
  2. Production. You can’t have a fully-functioning successful music ministry without an amazing product, and that’s what we’re known for. Here’s how we do it.
  3. Identity. Along with making an incredible music product, we need equally great image and design. Here’s more info on that (and lot of pics!)
  4. Online. We live in a digital age, and your online presence is just as important as your stage presence. We offer complete web design services.
  5. Marketing. Now the real work begins. Time to help you find your audience, and get busy with your music ministry.

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